Friday, November 25, 2011


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Nursing Department:

The MOH started implementing the nursing registration system in the beginning of 1993 and stared registration of midwives in 2003. This system mandates that those who want to practice nursing and midwifery in the country should present the registration form at the FDON enclosed with the required documents. And should pass the written examination designed to assess the applicant’s knowledge in the field of nursing and Midwifery. The computerized registration system has been developed to achieve higher efficiency and to obtain the required information properly. The professional nursing grades are determined through this system by two practical midwife level. This applied to both governmental and private sectors

FDON Provided Services:

Nursing Management Information System (NMIS) in Federal Department Of Nursing (FDON)will providing the follwing e-Services:

  • License Registration for Nurse/Midwifery
  • Renewal of License Registration for Nurse/Midwifery
  • Verification of Registration.
  • Equivalence Certification.
  • Update Continuous education information.
  • Allow Nurse/Midwifery who work inside or outside the country to apply for these services electronically.
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    1. Please check every day for at least one month, You will get an idea about their strategy of announcing. There will be some particular day or date which they publish.

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