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Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam Sample Questions

These sample questions apply to all exams taken on or after October 25, 2014.
The following sample questions are similar to those on the examination but do not represent the full range of content or levels of difficulty. The answers to the sample questions are provided after the last question.
To respond to the sample questions, first enter your first and last names in the boxes below (this information will not be recorded; it is strictly for purposes of identifying your results). Then click the button corresponding to the best answer for each question. When you are finished, click the "Evaluate" button at the bottom of the page. A new browser window will open, displaying your results, which you may print, if you wish.
This practice exam is not timed, and you may take it as many times as you wish. Good luck!

1. The main goal of treatment for acute glomerulonephritis is to:
 encourage activity.
 encourage high protein intake.
 maintain fluid balance.
 teach intermittent urinary catheterization.

2. Nursing diagnoses mostly differ from medical diagnoses in that they are:
 dependent upon medical diagnoses for the direction of appropriate interventions.
 primarily concerned with caring, while medical diagnoses are primarily concerned with curing.
 primarily concerned with human response, while medical diagnoses are primarily concerned with pathology.
 primarily concerned with psychosocial parameters, while medical diagnoses are primarily concerned with physiologic parameters.

3. A patient who received spinal anesthesia four hours ago during surgery is transferred to the surgical unit and, after one and a half hours, now reports severe incisional pain. The patient's blood pressure is 170/90 mm Hg, pulse is 108 beats/min, temperature is 99oF (37.2oC), and respirations are 30 breaths/min. The patient's skin is pale, and the surgical dressing is dry and intact. The most appropriate nursing intervention is to:
 medicate the patient for pain.
 place the patient in a high Fowler position and administer oxygen.
 place the patient in a reverse Trendelenburg position and open the IV line.
 report the findings to the provider.

4. To prevent a common, adverse effect of prolonged use of phenytoin sodium (Dilantin), patients taking the drug are instructed to:
 avoid crowds and obtain an annual influenza vaccination.
 drink at least 2 L of fluids daily, including 8 to 10 glasses of water.
 eat a potassium-rich, low sodium diet.
 practice good dental hygiene and report gum swelling or bleeding.

5. The most common, preventable complication of abdominal surgery is:
 fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
 urinary retention.

6. A 78-year-old patient is scheduled for transition to home after treatment for heart disease. The patient's spouse, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, plans to care for the patient at home. The spouse says that their grown children, who live nearby, will help. The best approach to discharge planning is to:
 arrange nursing home placement for the couple.
 consult the spouse's healthcare provider about the spouse's ability to care for the patient.
 contact the children to ascertain their commitment to help.
 discuss community resources with the spouse and offer to make referrals.

7. During an assessment of a patient who sustained a head injury 24 hours ago, the medical-surgical nurse notes the development of slurred speech and disorientation to time and place. The nurse's initial action is to:
 continue the hourly neurologic assessments.
 inform the neurosurgeon of the patient's status.
 prepare the patient for emergency surgery.
 recheck the patient's neurologic status in 15 minutes.

8. For the evaluation feedback process to be effective, a manager:
 conducts weekly meetings with staff members.
 considers staff members' interests and abilities when delegating tasks.
 informs staff members regularly of how well they are performing their jobs.
 provides goals for staff members to meet.

9. An 80-year-old patient is placed in isolation when infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The patient was alert and oriented on admission, but is now having visual hallucinations and can follow only simple directions. The medical-surgical nurse recognizes that the changes in the patient's mental status are related to:
 a fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
 a stimulating environment.
 sensory deprivation.

10. To prepare a patient on the unit for a bronchoscopic procedure, a medical-surgical nurse administers the IV sedative. The medical-surgical nurse then instructs the licensed practical nurse to:
 educate the patient about the pending procedure.
 give the patient small sips of water only.
 measure the patient's blood pressure and pulse readings.
 take the patient to the bathroom one more time.

11. Which physiological response is often associated with surgery-related stress?
 Bronchial constriction
 Decreased cortisol levels
 Peripheral vasodilation
 Sodium and water retention

12. A patient's family does not know the patient's end-of-life care preferences, but assumes that they know what is best for the patient under the circumstances. This assumption reflects:

13. Which statement by a patient with diabetes mellitus indicates an understanding of the medication insulin glargine (Lantus)?
 "Lantus causes weight loss."
 "Lantus is used only at night."
 "The duration of Lantus is six hours."
 "There is no peak time for Lantus."

14. Which action occurs primarily during the evaluation phase of the nursing process?
 Data collection
 Decision-making and judgment
 Priority-setting and expected outcomes
 Reassessment and audit

15. Which action best describes a sentinel event alert?
 Documenting the breakdown in communication during a shift report
 Indicating that a community or institution is unsafe
 Recording the harm done when a medication error occurs
 Signaling the need for immediate investigation and response

16. Which is primarily a developmental task of middle age?
 Learning and acquiring new skills and information
 Rediscovering or developing satisfaction in one's relationship with a significant other
 Relying strongly upon spiritual beliefs
 Risk taking and its perceived consequences

17. A medical-surgical nurse, who is caring for a patient with a new diagnosis of cancer, observes the patient becoming angry with the physicians and nursing staff. The best approach to diffuse the emotionally charged discussion is to:
 allow the patient and family members time to be alone.
 arrange time for the patient to speak with another patient with cancer.
 direct the discussion and validation of emotion, without false reassurance.
 request a consultation from a social worker on the oncology unit.

18. It is hospital policy to assess and record a patient's pulse before administering digoxin (Lanoxin). By auditing the nursing records to determine the frequency of compliance with this policy, the quality assessment and improvement committee is conducting:
 a process analysis.
 a quality analysis.
 a system analysis.
 an outcome analysis.

19. The nursing diagnosis for a patient with a myocardial infarction is activity intolerance. The plan of care includes the patient outcome criterion of:
 agreeing to discontinue smoking.
 ambulating 50 feet without experiencing dyspnea.
 experiencing no dyspnea on exertion.
 tolerating activity well.

20. A nursing department in an acute care setting decides to redesign its nursing practice based on a theoretical framework. The feedback from patients, families, and staff reflects that caring is a key element. Which theorist best supports this concept?

21. Which statement by a patient demonstrates an accurate understanding about herbal supplements?
 "Herbs may interact with prescribed medications but not other herbs."
 "Most herbs have been tested and found to be safe and therapeutic."
 "The Food and Drug Administration regulates herbs and allows advertising."
 "There is no standardization among the manufacturers of herbs in this country."

22. For a patient with Crohn's disease, the medical-surgical nurse recommends a diet that is:
 high in fiber, and low in protein and calories.
 high in potassium.
 low in fiber, and high in protein and calories.
 low in potassium.

23. When examining a patient who is paralyzed below the T4 level, the medical-surgical nurse expects to find:
 flaccidity of the upper extremities.
 hyperreflexia and spasticity of the upper extremities.
 impaired diaphragmatic function requiring ventilator support.
 independent use of upper extremities and efficient cough.

24. After completing a thorough neurological and physical assessment of a patient who is admitted for a suspected stroke, a medical-surgical nurse anticipates the next step in the immediate care of this patient to include:
 administering tissue plasminogen activator.
 obtaining a computed tomography scan of the head without contrast.
 obtaining a neurosurgical consultation.
 preparing for carotid Doppler ultrasonography.

25. The first step in applying the quality improvement process to an activity in a clinical setting is to:
 assemble a team to review and revise the activity.
 collect data to measure the status of the activity.
 select an activity for improvement.
 set a measurable standard for the activity.

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Washington: Be warned if you have a strong urge to eat late at night as a new study shows that this could be bad for your brain.
Eating late at night, especially during the hours when our bodies think they should be sleeping, could disrupt learning and memory.
The results of the study may pose a possible health concern not only for those eating late at night but for the millions who are engaged in shift work.
"We have this illusion that with the flip of a switch, we can work at any time and part of that is eating at any time," Christopher Colwell, professor, psychiatry and bio-behavioural sciences, University of California, Los Angeles was quoted as saying in Today.
Although the new research was done on mice, the general principles also apply to humans, the Inquisitr reported.
The modern lifestyle of working long hours does not allow the body's need to stick with a specific schedule to remain healthy.
The circadian rhythm follows a 24-hour cycle and regulates almost everything in our body, including hormones and behaviour.
Any disruption of this cycle may not only be harmful for the immune system but even lead to type 2 diabetes, Colwell suggested.
Referring to jet-lag, the author demonstrates how such a disruption may affect the brain function.
In the experiment, the researchers allowed one group of mice to eat at normal times, while a second group could only eat during their normal sleep time.
The mice eating during their normal sleeping times were "severely compromised" in remembering what they had learned.
They also had trouble recognising new objects and showed changes in the part of the brain that involved learning and memory.

Garlic - fight against lung infections

London -  Spicing up your food with garlic can help protect your lungs against infections, suggests new research.
A chemical found in garlic can kill bacteria that cause life-threatening lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that mostly affects the lungs, the study noted.
The chemical - known as allicin - could be an effective treatment against a group of infectious bacteria that is highly resistant to most antibiotics.
“At a time when novel antimicrobial agents are urgently required, chemical and microbiological research has the potential to unlock the rich reservoir of antimicrobial compounds present in plants such as garlic,” said professor John Govan from the University of Edinburgh in Britain.
Allicin is produced naturally by garlic bulbs to ward off a closely-related group of plant pathogens found in soil and water habitats.
The bacteria - known as the Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc) causes serious and transmissible lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis.
The researchers found that allicin - which can be extracted by crushing raw garlic - inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Allicin kills Bcc bacteria by chemically modifying key enzymes, the researchers noted.
The team believes allicin-containing remedies could be used in combination with existing antibiotics to treat Bcc infections.
The study was published in the journal PLOS one.

Hospitals in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places on earth specially made by men. This city is also a magnet for all business and a palace of opportunities. People from all around the world visit this part of the gulf for careers, vacations, tourism and business.

Dubai chiefs are now working upon make it one of the best places for medical tourism. A place where state of the art facilities will be provided for international customers and patients. Health Authorities in Dubai are working extensively on creating opportunities for health professionals and facilitating those who are find best health care in the region.

This goal of making Dubai world's next health hub is helped out by series of best hospital and medical centers. Chain of Pharmacies, Hospitals with international standards, Clinics and other non health services centers are in success in this time.

Top Five Hospital of Dubai 
Here are Dubai's best five hospital in terms of care and hospitality. You can get yourself treated in these healthcare centers. If you are tourist don't hesitate to visit any of these top notch facilities. These are kept on high standards where JCIA certification is also implemented.
  1. Rashid Hopsital - Public Sector Hospital
  2. American Hospital Dubai - Private Sector
  3. Mediclinic - Private Sector
  4. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai  - Private Sector
  5. Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai - Private Sector
  6. Panacea Medical & Wellness Centre - Private Sector

Hospitals and Clinics under Department of Health (Dohms) Authority
  1. Al Garhoud Private Hospital - Private Sector
  2. Canadian Specialist Hospital - Private Sector
  3. Dubai Hospital (Dubai Government DOHMS)
  4. Rashid Hospital (Dubai Government DOHMS)
  5. Al Baraha Hospital (Ministry of Health)
  6. Al Amal Hospital (Ministry of Health)
  7. Al Maktoum Hospital (Dubai Government DOHMS)
  8. Latifa Hospital (known before as Al Wasl Hospital) (Dubai Government DOHMS)
  9. Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital
  10. Lifeline Hospital (formerly known as Jebel Ali Hospital) [1]  - Private Sector
  11. American Hospital Dubai [2] - Private Sector
  12. Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre[3] (Alternative Medicine,  - Private Sector)
  13. Dubai London Specialty Hospital
  14. Welcare Hospital  - Private Sector
  15. Zulekha Hospital - Private Sector
  16. Emirates International Hospital - Private Sector
  17. Iranian Hospital [4] - Private Sector
  18. Neuro-Spinal Hospital ( Private Sector Neurosurgical Referral Hospital)
  19. Belhoul Speciality Hospital [5] - Private Sector
  20. Belhoul European Hospital [6] - Private Sector
  21. New Apollo Polyclinic, Karama, Dubai - Private Sector
  22. Medcare Hospital - Private Sector
  23. Silkor Laser Hair Removal - Private Sector
  24. Aster Hospital - Private Sector
  25. NMC Specialty Hospital
  26. City Hospital dubai
  27. Al almadu hospital, karama dubia - Private Sector

Nursing Exam Guide MoH, HAAD, Dubai UAE

Nurses are among the professions which have developed since ages. Now they are getting advance with pace of betterment and contributing a variety of services to health care. Role of nurses for betterment of health and healthcare is no hidden secret.

If you are a Nurse and searching for some guidance to take over the licensing exams of UAE. Then we are for your help. We are compiling each and every resource under one roof for all of our nurses colleagues.

UAE Licensing Exams for Nurses
Currently Nurses can choose among the following exams to work with in MoH UAE.
  • Ministry of UAE Licensing
  • HAAD
  • Dubai Health Authority
Aside from working in UAE Nurses can take tests to acquire the license of Canada, Australia, Malta, United Kingdom, America and other well developed countries. Ofcourse for better salaries and better working professionally.

Study Material for Nurses
If you are willing to get help on study material for nurses to clear these tests which are internationally based then you can write to us in comments for request of any type of material. We will be adding some nursing studies book reviews, study guides for nurses, easy to remember charts, facts of medications, tips by nurses for nurses, nurses interviews working in abroad. 

Jobs for Nurses in Gulf countries
We will be updating our nurses about the jobs and vacancies in all of the Gulf countries including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE regions, Kuwait etc

Join Us as a Nurse Blogger
If you are nurse and wish to join us as team member to helpout other nurses out there you can always join us by contacting us via our contact page.

How to Convert or Transfer DHA License to HAAD?

We all know about the unification of Medical licenses in UAE was finalized and started this year. It is a good news for medical professionals about the Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). It is an agreement signed where a medical professional will be able to convert or transfer medical license from one issuing authority to another. i.e. like from DHA to HAAD etc. In a nutshell this change is to revive the recognition of medical licenses of health care professionals across the region.
Things are getting simpler but still some questions are asked on how to convert DHA license to HAAD, where to start the conversion process? what are the requirements for transfer of license, what is the fees, how many days are needed to complete this whole process of transfer?. You will find the answers of these questions as we are providing this information to those who can get benefit from this memorandum.

Things to remember first
This step is quite important before you start the procedure to convert DHA License to HAAD. As you can't start your procedure just after passing your DHA Exam. First you have to be on a job with DHA License. Secondly, you should spend at least 6 months on the job. And fulfill the requirements needed for the transfer.

Step by Step Procedure

First your would need a Good Standing certificate. It will cost 510 aed for normal process and it is available from your DHA account. If you need it urgent fees will be 1010 aed ( 2 -3 working days). Payment is done online and using a credit card.

  • Create account on Data Flow HAAD section  (http://www.dataflowgroup.com/haad/login.aspx). Fill up the profile and upload all necessary documents required. 
  • You should have your data flow report from DHA which is available in DHA account under the section of PSV. If you don't have this report you can always request it by sending an email to dha@dataflowgroup.com.
  • If you don't have any sponsor upto now you can simply put in self-applicant. Process will be quite simple if you have you have a sponsor at this stage.
  • Now you should expect a Payment notification from HAAD Data Flow. As you have PSV report with you already, you can send them back your PSV report to their email and wait for the next step
  • As a next step HAAD will send you an email with your login details and direct link to HAAD website. Now login with the details sent to you into the online HAAD portal. Now upload and fill up again all necessary documents needed. Wait for their email or you can always check the status of application submitted in your HAAD account

We have tried our best to get you through the process to convert DHA License to HAAD license easily. Even if you need our assitance and any help at any stage you can always contact us for helping you our to transfer your DHA license to HAAD license easily.

This process to convert DHA license to HAAD is more or less similar for most of the medical fields including Pharmacists, Assistant Pharmacists, Nursing, Radiologists, Dentists etc. Since this DHA and HAAD agreement things are getting simpler. It will open doors for more jobs in recent future. Many candidates and health professionals also wish to unify the examination process of DHA, HAAD and MOH Uae.

HAAD stands for Health Authority of Abu Dhabi; DHA stands for Dubai Health Authority; Data Flow is a third party hired by MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA for verification of your documents from their original issuers; PSV stands for primary source verification; 

Convert DHA Eligibility Letter to HAAD or MOH

So you have got your DHA eligibility letter after passing the exam! Congratulations and welcome to Dubai. Being a DHA passed candidate now you have to get a job first to secure your future and support your other requirements i.e. just like conversion of your license to HAAD or MOH.
Recently we were updating our friends about the new process of unification of licenses in UAE and how to make full use of it. Some of the new DHA passed candidates are asking how to convert DHA Eligibility letter to HAAD or MOH. So we have decided to provide some information regarding this question in a concise and proper manner. Because on internet there are many rumors, non confirmed news revolving around to only confuse your and provoking you for a wrong step.

New candidates can checkout how to get DHA license for your medical specialty by reading this help article.

We recommend everyone specially DHA passed candidates to clear all the confusions by simply calling the DHA number which is 800-DHA. We are not in any way linked with MOH, HAAD or DHA.
Process to Convert DHA Eligibility Letter to HAAD or MOH
The process is same as we have explained in detail in this article But for now we assume that you have recently passed your DHA and got your Eligibility letter in your email.

What is a DHA Eligibility Letter?
It is a confirmation that you have passed your DHA Licensing exam and you can be appointed on a job within Dubai. Make sure you understand this statement as many people ask how can you work with DHA in Abu Dhabhi and other states of UAE. So this letter is the confirmation and authorization that you can work in Dubai only.

To find a job you can search online portals, newspapers, mobile apps specially advertised jobs for DHA passed candidates. Or you can also create an advert for yourself to get a job explaining your skills but this way is not highly recommended. Although you can try some special keywords to find job more easily, so you can try these DHA dubai jobs, dha passed pharmacist jobs, dha nursing jobs etc

What next towards HAAD or MOH license conversion?
Now you have to activate your current license with the eligibility letter. For this you have to upload following documents and pay a fees of 1010 aed online with credit card.

  • Labor Card or Job Offer Letter
  • Malpractice Insurance Letter
  • Fees 1010 aed
These documents are given by your company when you are selected for a job. Some companies in UAE have a different way to do it to make it easy for new employee. They ask for your login ID and password and they do the rest of the stuff for you

When you get your DHA License which is posted by Zajeel mail on a address provided by you. Now you are ready to get your license convert to HAAD / MOH.

I hope this will help all our friends who are searching for this question or need help. You can ask us about anything regarding it on our Facebook Page or simply comment below so that we can help you as fast as we can. Cheers!